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Dragon Boat Racing in Italy

Italy has a long winning tradition in dragon boat racing since the first Italian teams participated in the 1995 World Dragon Boat Championships in China.

In 1996, during the first European Dragon Boat Championships at Silkeborg, Denmark Italy won a title of champion of Europe and 2 silver medals.

This was followed in 1997 at Duisburg, Germany during the temple World canoeing and rowing - where Italy won second place in National Rankings behind Germany with 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

In 1998 the European Championships were held in Rome in the EUR Lake, where Italy, still in second place in the ranking of countries and has shown great ability 'organization and a great involvement of the Town 'and the world of sports in support of this exciting sport.

It 'was then the year in Nottingham '99, the first World Cup in Europe, where' s Italy participated with a team of 118 people coming 4 times a silver medal in the junior and finalist at the 6th place in the combined absolute.

The International meeting of 2000 'was the European Championship of Malmoe in Sweden on 12 and 13 August, where Italy has won 4 gold medals, 2 silver and 4 bronze going up to world leaders.

In 2001 the World Cup were played in America in Philadelphia, where Italy has won a gold medal and two silver in the Junior category.

The Italian federation has also organized the World Championships for Clubs of 2002, the European Club Auronzo di Cadore, and again the Europeans for national teams in 2008 to Sabaudia.

2002 and 'was in fact the year of Italy with the organization of the championship in Rome. All the crews' strongest in the world have addressed the euro and the Dragon Boat Pond and' was introduced to all Italian public . The Italian crews have distinguished themselves winning two titles of World Champion in the Masters category, three world championship titles in the junior category and two bronze medals in the Open Women's 500 m and 2000 m absolute.

In 2004, the world returned to China in Shanghai, where Italy participated with over 120 athletes, including for the first time, a crew of women in pink, the Breast Cancer Survivors.

In 2005, Italy participated in the World Cup in Berlin, then in 2006 the European Championship in Prague and in 2007 the World Championship in Sydney.