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Dragon Boat Racing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered by many as the birth place of modern dragon boat racing.

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association (HKDBA) is the controlling body for the sport of dragon boating in Hong Kong. It is an affiliate member of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and is also a founding member of the international and regional governing bodies for dragon boat racing: The International Dragon Boat Federation and Asian Dragon Boat Federation.

The HKDBA is an association for all dragon boat clubs or teams, as well as any individual in Hong Kong who is dedicated to the promotion of the sport. There are now over 100 Voting Members and 2,000 Associate Members.

As the controlling body for dragon boat racing in Hong Kong, the objectives of the HKDBA are to preserve the cultural and historical traditions of dragon boat racing while promoting and expanding the sport in the territory. The Association assists in the selection and training of a high-standard Hong Kong dragon boat team, and co-ordinates and encourages the team's participation in international dragon boat events overseas.

The HKDBA holds the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships is an annual event held in April/May and The International Dragon Boat Race is held in June every year.

One of the major objectives of the HKDBA is to select and train competent dragon boat paddlers to form a crew to represent Hong Kong to compete in international dragon boat events, including the Asia Dragon Boat Championships, and the World Dragon Boat Championships.